welcome to my new creative endeavor!

rude awakening: a journal is now live!

welcome to rude awakening: a journal!

i’m natalie, author of rude awakening: a mixtape.

if you’re anything like me, chances are you might be longing for some content consumption outside of the current social media shitstorm. i wanted to create a space away from my instagram home where i can share my thoughts and artistic expressions with like-minded people and fans of my book!

i am so passionate about awakening and watching the world unfold as we navigate these crazy times. i know we’re on the brink of something magical. as more and more of us wake up to who we are and why we’re here, i know that people will be looking for support. i feel so strongly that my mission is to help people walk through their awakening experiences with as little bullshit as possible - at least i know that’s what i wished i had access to when i was first waking up!

this substack space will take the place of my longer (rant-ier) instagram posts - i’ll still be creating content on IG, but will be mostly redirecting folks here :)

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PS - my first book, rude awakening: a mixtape is available in ebook and paperback on amazon.com & barnes & noble.

thank you for supporting me!